How To Start Producing Music At Home

Music production can be a guarded community, with complicated terminology alongside a high barrier to entry in terms of knowledge and price. Music production can become more accessible and more people having the ability to make music at home has already caused a seismic shift in the music industry.

If you have a computer or a smartphone, you already have enough to start in music production. Free apps like Garageband on iPhone and Mac, or Walk Band (Android & Google Play), are more than sufficient to begin understanding music production and more importantly, will allow you to try music production before investing in equipment and pricey software. I started out using Garageband on an iPhone before spending any money specifically on producing music.

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Progressing on from mobile music production, there is a plethora of Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) to choose from, see this blog post for more information on the DAWs available. I started using Ableton Lite which was complex but offered the ability to make more significant steps towards learning the basics of music production. There's Ableton Lite, Pro Tools First, Garageband and Reaper's free trial to consider as free options when beginning in music production on a computer.

I learnt the basics of music production through a traditional education alongside online sources such as YouTube, you do not need a formal education to learn music production. Whilst obtaining a college education has offered support and guidance unattainable through free online content, the standard of the online content available now is incredible. I learned a lot from The Recording Revolution & In The Mix and the free content available on YouTube.

There are also free stems available online, they allow you to essentially get all of the raw recorded files from a song to then practice production without the pressure of a friend or client to maintain high standards. This is a great way to start but I'd encourage moving beyond this stage after getting to a decent standard as the lack of pressure in this situation is not realistic in comparison with producing music for others.

After getting to grips with music production, it can be incredibly rewarding to share your newfound skill with other musicians and friends. Collaboration is one of the most crucial facets of music and growing as a producer, instant feedback helps us grow and sharing ideas expands our knowledge, all the while having a shared creative experience with another musician.

To conclude: A smartphone can start your production journey, free software on your computer can futher your skills without buying pricey software, there is amazing free educational content online and finally, making music with others can be an incredible experience to further your skills.

I hope you enjoy learning music production!

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